Too Many Games Recap



Well, that was so much fun.

I’m home from Too Many Games, and we had a really great time.  I roomed with Uncle Yo and TV’s Noah of +2 Comedy, and golly, did we have an adventure.


We hit all of the traffic and didn’t get to the Con until 5.  The con opened at 2pm.  Oops.  Anyway, upon arriving, it was off to go confirm that ProJared and Doug Walker were actually joining us for that night’s improv panel, and it was not a cruel joke.  Both of the lovely gentleman were ready to play.  We found These Guy Are Sick’s Brett Vanderbrook and Darrin DeMarco, and we put on an amazing show.  I actually remember the show, which almost never happens, partially thanks to the incredible Mew.  WHO DREW FANART IN REAL TIME.  Seriously.  I am framing this in my home.

Seriously. FANART. If you were there, you will recognize all of these moments.

Seriously. FANART. If you were there, you will recognize all of these moments.

So, yeah.  This was a life highlight.  So many people came up with kind words after the show  We loved it, it was amazing.



This was, bar none, the craziest day ever.  After arriving at the con, we got a chance to walk the floor (and I definitely didn’t buy a Flareon plushie because that would be irresponsible.) Seemingly before we knew it, 4pm had rolled around and it was time to get ready for Cosplay Pro Wrestling.  If I have failed in the past to mention it, I’m the Princess in Residence, the General Manager, Ring Announcer, and Legit Boss (yeah, no, that’s Sasha Banks, my bad) Princess Peach.  I had to take my first bump, which means that after three shows of being a seemingly untouchable onstage presence, I was about to get hit for the first time. I would say I hadn’t been that nervous in ages, but to be honest, I was crazy nervous for the improv show. Our Luigi informed me that he was going to do a HHH sledgehammer spot.  Which means I was going to get hit in the face with a warp pipe.  We did the spot, and I’m told it looked good, though I really have no idea what it looked like.  I was really surprised- by interrupting the fight, I turned the crowd against me in a huge way.  I really never get to play evil, so it was a little bit fun.  I also didn’t realize that when a wrestler hits you, they connect- I didn’t expect the pipe to touch me.

The rest of the show was amazing.  The guys and the wonderful Wii Fit Trainer put on incredible matches, and the crowd was crazy into it.  If you were at Too Many Games and heard an entire corner of the room chanting “HOLY SHIT,” you should have stopped by!  Our real-life fearless leader, Mike Goldstein, is just fabulous.  He checked in on me the next day, and was just an absolute rock star.  The audience was one of the greatest characters in the show- they kept us guessing.  We were so fortunate that Keith Apicary and MegaRan decided to stop by and save Uncle Yo from Giovanni.

Afterwards, I helped my friends at +2 Comedy by keeping score at Game the Gamer.  I will be promoting their kickstarter when it goes live this August- it’s a really special show, and I’m proud to be even a small part of it.  We hit the afterparty, and then we hit the hotel room and bed- hard.  I don’t think I’ve been that tired in a very long time.



“I’m such a heifer.  I ate, like, two bowls of Special K.” -Cher Horowitz, Clueless

I started my day by eating a lot of cereal, and then had to finish the Powerpoint to my Women in Gaming Panel, Wait, Samus is a Girl? A Brief and Ridiculous History of Women in Games. Brief was the right word.  I ran a little under time, and I think it would have been good to add a little more.  I was worried I would have too much ground to cover and over-edited.  I got a few games to play on my to-do list (Transistor) but I am still resisting Overwatch because I fear I will never leave the house.  We had an amazing discussion, and I actually gained a lot of insight into how people really feel about women in gaming.  I also felt better about my constant insistence on how I play Princess Peach stronger and stronger.


All in all, Too Many Games was more than kind to me, and I can’t wait to go back next year and have more fun, make more friends, and, well….balls.


(I’m posting this from DexCon, which is incredibly fun.  Guys, I am pretty much the luckiest.)

Appearance Information- Upcoming News



Hey, Team,

Just a quick couple of things.

I’m the worst for not posting, but I have a sick Undertale review in the works.  I also just might be starting a YouTube channel later this summer.

I’ll be appearing TOMORROW at 8:30pm (oh crap) at Too Many Games Expo in Oaks, PA as the host and director of Too Many Games Improv.  I can exclusively confirm the involvement of Doug Walker, The Nostalgia Critic; and known accomplice Uncle Yo.  We’ll be in Panel Room 2!

I will also appear as Princess Peach in Cosplay Pro Wrestling on Saturday, as well as debuting my new panel Sunday, called: “Samus is a Girl?  A Brief, Ridiculous History of Women in Games” (Sunday, 3:30pm, Panel Room 2.)

I’ll also be helping out my close personal friends in +2 Comedy at this years DEXCON event in Morristown, NJ next weekend.  Keep an eye out.





Also, I got Hamilton tickets.