Pretty Nerdy Party Planning: The Walking Dead



The Walking Dead is more popular than ever, and it returns next weekend.  We’re going to throw a nice little theme party to celebrate.  Warning to the squeamish: this one’s a little gross.  And to vegetarians and vegans?  Please accept my apologies, and maybe go back to last week’s lovely Disney party.


  • Hot wings have the right mixture of gooey, messy, and full of carnage.
  • Fruit and vegetables for “Farmer Rick” from Season 4
  • Braised Short ribs.
  • Cocktail weenies labeled “cocktail entrails”



  • There’s no getting around it, kids.  You gotta make a roast.  The more it looks like a leg, the better.  I told you this one was going to be gross.



  • If anyone has an appetite after the tainted meat, I would go for chocolate pudding.  Served in the largest can you can find.
  • Alternately, bowls of gummy brains can double as decorative touches
  • Buy these cookie cutters, and go to town making Zombie cookies.
  • Make conventional cookie people to be your favorite characters.  Bonus points for disfiguring characters who have died



  • To celebrate the start of the season, place cards around your home with directions to “Terminus” (the food table, or the TV)
  • If you’re having a sit-down meal, place cards can say in a crude scrawl, “(Name of guest,) go to Terminus”
  • Use butcher paper to create a train track leading to whatever your desired “Terminus” is


  • Tissues, for the next time a character you like dies
  • Little arrow charms for Daryl, or swords for Michonne
  • Badges for Rick


  • Zombie makeup can be messy and uncomfortable.  Go casual and distressed for that perfect survivor look.

Pretty Nerdy Party Planning: Disney World!


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If you’re anything like me, you’re either just getting back from Disney World, getting ready to go to Disney World, or wishing you were in Disney World.  In the coldest part of the Winter, have a delightful shindig to remind you there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!

As always, take a look at our Pinterest for more ideas!


For some EPCOT flair, try a little something from around the world.

  • Crepes for France
  • Spring rolls for Japan
  • Make a batch of Orange chicken as hors d’oeuvres.
  • Lazy option: Have Chipotle cater in honor of Mexico
  • If you’re particularly inclined, you can make the famous smoked turkey legs for which Disney is so well known.


Go classic Disney food.   The kind of food you always find yourself blowing your snack credits on.

  • Churros.
  • Waffles and ice cream (though you should use this to make the waffles.)
  • Popcorn
  • Mickey Ice Cream Bars (Here for the recipe)

If you’re feeling ambitious, posts recipes to YOUR favorite Disney World dish!



Youtube has all sorts of great audio from all over the parks- if you’re looking for something specific, it’s probably there.  If you’re not, here are my favorites:


  • You know all those souvenirs your parents told you not to buy?  Break them out and display them!
  • Hang leftover maps on the walls, or print them out from various web sites 🙂
  • Pin any Disney pins you might have everywhere- if it’s Disney, put it out!


Dress Code:

  • Encourage guests to Disneybound.  Dress up in the colors and style of your favorite Disney girl, boy, or animal!

Enjoy your Disney party, and we’ll see you real soon!

Today, we celebrate our Independence: a Pretty Nerdy Party


I love throwing parties, and Independence Day is no exception.  But while everyone else is throwing their star-spangled soirees, we are throwing a shindig based on one of America’s greatest treasures

This 1996 gem is a mainstay, so you probably won’t even need to purchase the movie.  Just turn on the TV.  It’s almost definitely on.  Probably playing several times in a row, if we’re being honest.


  • You might be able to scare up some posters on Ebay and Amazon, or you could print up some stills of the film all over your home.  Make sure to place President Whitmore in a place of honor.
  • You could also easily scrounge VHS copies of the film at any thrift store.  If you can round up two or four you can surround a vase with them to make a lovely centerpiece.  In the vase, either go with traditional flowers, or (my recommendation) glow sticks or depending on your local laws, sparklers.

Think this, but with the VHS tapes themselves alternating with the covers.


Food and Drink:

  • Boomer’s Pigs in a Blanket:
    Wrap 97% fat free hot dogs with reduced-fat biscuit dough, so you can run faster and jump higher, improbably avoiding an exploding tunnel.

  • Barbecue, to celebrate the one Steve Hiller thought he should be at
  • White (House) Pizza: sure to be destroyed partway through the party!
  • Red, White, and Blue Firecracker popsicles- both for the missile imagery and for the ‘Murica imagery.
  • Area 51 worms-and-dirt.  Just substitute Oreos and chocolate pudding with graham crackers (or the vanilla Oreos) and vanilla pudding.  Add some gummy aliens.
  • As for beverages?  Anything American (classic soda out of the bottle, lemonade, etc.) or on fire (the flaming shot of your choice) would be more than appropriate.

Party Favors:

Cigars, obviously.

At the end of your party, please be sure to play music from the most corpulent singer you can find, because it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

Then go see some fireworks.  After all, Captain Hiller promised us fireworks.