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Even though the much hyped play does not even begin previews until June 7, and most Americans won’t even get to read the play until July 31, London’s Palace Theater is already decorated.  Check out the front-of-house decor below.

buy gabapentin 800 mgCome on, that is beautiful and ornate, especially considering that many Broadway marquees really just have the digital Minority Report-like screens in front of the theaters.  I mean, look at that little one in the bird’s nest snitch.  I’m fairly certain that’s supposed to be little Albus hunched inside.

buy neurontin overnightIt’s not surprising that the theater can have such an ornate decor, given that tickets have already been released out through May 2017, the Palace probably has the money to spare on some really, really nice photo ops.

buy neurontin with paypal


The Gringotts Dragon

Here be dragons.

This lovely lady has just been placed on top of Gringotts in Universal Studios’ Diagon Alley.  I’m so excited. She was quickly shrouded in scaffolding, so can you buy gabapentin online columnist neurontin 1800 mg managed to get quite a picture.

Rumor is that the opening will be on June 26, but guests might be allowed in as soon as June 7.  If anyone manages to sneak in, please drop us a line at