Pretty Nerdy Party Planning: Community



Just like that, we’re off hiatus!

This week, something near and dear to my heart returns- The Greendale Seven Six Four + Chang are back TOMORROW with a new season.  This little sitcom that could deserves to be brought in in style, and you know what that means?



We’re going to take from the season two episode Mixology Certification

  • Seven and Seven (even if it’s a high school girls’ drink)
  • Screwdrivers (for Annie)
  • Root beer (again, for Annie)
  • Make a punch, and then serve it with this ice cube in the center


  • A tray from Subway- always appropriate
  • Chicken fingers, from season one’s excellent mafia episode.
  • Order pizza.  Try to figure out who should answer the door.


  • Colorful cake pops for all of your paintball needs
  • Shirley’s brownies, of course!
  • Try varying brownies for different characters.  No-pudge brownies for weight-conscious Jeff, vegan brownies for Britta, disgustingly rich brownies for Pierce, etc.
  • Cookies and Cream “Puppy Chow,” for Dean Pelton’s love of Dalmatians


  • Turn your living room into the Greendale cafeteria with banners
  • Recreate posters from famous episodes
  • Make a flag out of Greendale’s famous logo.



  • Please don’t dress as a Human Being.  You will scare your guests.

CAFNsflUkAAxcxU.jpg large

Alternately, throw this entire thing out and throw a Pulp Fiction themed party in honor of Abed.


The Darkest Timeline is No More.


Aaaaaaand we’re back.

Yahoo Screen has answered the prayers of everyone who has spent the last six weeks mourning the Greendale Six: Community is coming back for its long-fabled sixth season.  The cast’s contracts were due to expire yesterday, causing fans to almost lose hope.  Dan Harmon and company came through in the end, just like the lovable underdogs we know them to be.

So far, Yahoo Screen has been selling what we want to buy.  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Zack Van Amburg, president of programming and production at Sony Pictures Television, told us that “The budget won’t be cut one dollar.  We didn’t want to be producing the show at any less of the quality or production value that we had been producing. Yahoo came in with finances that were undeniable.”

In addition, since scripts for the comedy tended to run on the longer side, we could actually get even more Community per episode.  The episodes are due to make a fall debut (October 19, perhaps, in an even grander Take That to NBC?)

As for the fan reaction?  Joy is an understatement.  The subreddit for Community exploded in happiness, and I can’t help but agree.


Six Seasons and a movie.  Now and forever.