New Year, Same Nerds

Credit to DeviantArt user neochan-pl

Image Credit to DeviantArt user neochan-pl

It’s a shiny new year, and that means some big things in the pipeline for Pretty Nerdy Things.

We’re going to actually have a posting schedule and regular features this year.  I know, right?


Mondays are the catch-all day.  Reviews, recaps, rants, and anything else deemed worthy.


  • First Wednesday of the Month: Cosplay Wednesday.  Ideas, tutorials, and discussions with expert cosplayers for the savvy cosplayer on a budget.  Skill range will vary, from what you can expect to buy ready-made to what is going to require two years and a sewing machine.
  • Second Wednesday of the Month: Lesser-Known Character Profiles.  Who is Dazzler, anyway, and why is she in the X-Men arcade game? There are women outside Harley Quinn, Supergirl, and Black Widow.  Let’s talk about them.
  • Third Wednesday of the Month is One-Shot Wednesday.  Shows that ran for one season, or preferably one episode on live broadcast.  We’ll reflect and reminisce on the successes that never were.
  • Fourth Wednesday of the Month will be an exciting nerd calendar, with what you can expect for the month ahead
  • Fifth Wednesday of the Month (should there be one) will always be a fun top ten list, and will never be all that serious.


  • Theme Party Friday.  Every Friday, we will help you to organize a party for the next week, based on what’s happening in Pop Culture.  This week, you can look forward to a Parks and Recreation party worthy of Entertainment 720.

Other Goals

  • Stay tuned for information about our upcoming YouTube show, arriving Summer 2015.
  • We’re also looking for new Pretty Nerdy Things to join the team.  Email if you’re interested.  Or if you’re not.  We love mail.
  • We’ve got a Pinterest! will be added to and developed in the coming year, with boards for all of our theme parties!

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